Ride OUT!

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Only 1 day until my birthday and I am BLESSED to be in my RIGHT mind! This past year COULD have broken me. In the middle of all of God’s amazing favor, the enemy tried his BEST to DISTRACT me with everything else that was going wrong. But God KEPT me!I can hardly pronounce what the doctor labeled me, and I’m still making my way back to “better”… BUT GOD calls me THE HEALED!!!!! People turned their backs when I was terrified, in tremendous pain and fighting to be strong… BUT GOD calls me His BELOVED!!!!! It doesn’t LOOK or FEEL like I’ve won this battle yet… BUT GOD calls me VICTORIOUS, and His Word will NOT return to Him VOID!!!!!Rev. Samuel Rodriguez said, “Be careful WHO you allow on your SHIP.” Well, I say, IF YOU AIN’T ROWING, YOU AIN’T GOING!!!!! 🚫 I’m at a point in my life where I know exactly WHAT I’m called to do, WHO is supposed to be in it, and HOW my specific purpose benefits everyone that I’m connected to. The work that I’m given to do has always been COLLECTIVE. God gave me VISIONS for the future that I just can’t shake off or unsee. What He placed in my HEART, I KNOW it was meant for MY HANDS… And it’s meant to be a blessing to those who RODE OUT the storm WITH me! -A. S. β™‘ 🚒

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