The Second Half…..

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And so it begins, the second half…It’s time to RECOVER everything that was LOST or STOLEN from you this year! It’s time to change your language and SPEAK those things you’re waiting to see! It’s time to MOVE on the promises that God made to you months ago! But you can’t MOVE without FAITH, and faith ONLY works by LOVE…While you’re walking forward into your future, be CAREFUL to check that you didn’t leave behind a trail of COLLATERAL DAMAGE- broken people, broken promises, broken relationships, or broken contracts. You’ll never ADVANCE in the Kingdom without making AMENDS where you’ve erred. Sometimes we just settle for “better” because the BEST challenges us to CHANGE OUR LOVE WALK.

The Good News? God is doing a NEW thing in your second half! Nothing is too hard for Him and nothing is impossible TO YOU if you BELIEVE. But the “new” comes from the INSIDE OUT; it’s a heart condition. So, before you go running ahead, CHECK YOUR HEART. Clean up the mess you made getting here to SECURE your VICTORY the rest of the year. An abundant life begins first with a renewed MIND and a sincere HEART. And that transformation comes only through the power of LOVE. -A.S. β™‘