Month: October 2018

“Living in the Light”

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By Angel Simmons

I hosted my 4th #VersesVibesAndVisions live lit event on Friday. We had a full house, great testimonies followed, but MANY faces were notably missing. I went straight into working a 3-day convention the very NEXT morning… all of them starting at 5am πŸ‘€ I have also walked 3 friends through suicide interventions in the past 5 days. Needless to say, by lunchtime yesterday I was TOTALLY DONE with humans and struggling terribly just to make it to 5pm!

Much to my surprise, this convention turned out to be my most enjoyable one yet! I have NEVER felt more appreciated by our attendees. Yesterday after lunch, the client gifted my coworker and I with heartfelt thanks AND chocolates. One doctor waited to be last in the room just to take time to compliment me on my impressive service and “light”. Most every attendee was gracious and noted the “smiles and sunshine” we brought them each day. They told us how great we were. They stopped to ask how we were doing. I sat in amazement at the end of every day.

TRUST ME… Given my energy levels, lack of sleep and over-analysis of my Friday show, I didn’t do ANYTHING extra! All them folks got was pure “ME”. My #MESSAGE today: Your authentic light will always shine through – without you ever having to “turn it on” to impress anyone. I was too exhausted to give out fake smiles or pleasantries. Whatever service they received was from the heart. In the end, THAT’S what made the difference!

October 30, 2018