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“Chosen For Favor”

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By Angel Simmons ©


I started attending a women’s bible study of the same title a few weeks ago. This just so happens to be a time in my life when many wonderful doors have been opened to me. God’s favor is so heavy on my life that I am often overwhelmed by the magnitude of blessings following me. The class has me examining the power of God’s favor. But it has also caused me to pause and look at how my favor affects those connected to me and how it flows into the next chapter of my life.


As an unmarried woman, I have long heard the scripture in Proverbs, “He who finds a wife, finds a good thing…”. But I never paid much attention to the second half, “… and obtains favor from the Lord.” How interesting is it that throughout both the new and old testament, we are taught that favor doesn’t come from man, but from God. But here in chapter 18 and verse 22, it clearly tells us that man RECEIVES favor from God WHEN he finds his wife. How is it that the union of marriage becomes a conduit of blessings for the man who enters it?

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If we look at the purpose of woman’s creation, we’ll find that she was designed to be man’s helpmeet. She was specifically created to help her husband to fulfill his God-given purpose, sent by God to assist him in completing his calling, and put in position to drive him towards his destiny. In light of this revelation, a woman would NEED to be heavy with favor to, 1) complete her OWN God-given assignment, and 2) to have enough overflow to be a blessing to her husband. As a “good thing”, she must always have a double portion!

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I understand exactly WHY God’s hand is on my life. Yes, I’m blessed because He loves me dearly. But I’ve also been chosen to be a queen and helpmeet to the husband He sent for me. My overflow has a target. Woman was pulled out of man, thereby COMPLETING his life’s mission. God says in Genesis that it’s not good for man to be alone (all one). Then in Proverbs He declares woman as man’s “good thing”. My favor is undeniable and cannot be hidden. But recognizing the power that accompanies it, I must consider very carefully who the recipient will be. Because while women indeed have to be chosen, it seems that when a king finds his queen, HE then becomes the one chosen for favor….. HERS!

March 19, 2015