Month: February 2014


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By Angel Simmons Β©

I have experienced the greatest of loves. I’ve been swept off my feet, drowned in bliss, and caught up in a whirlwind. I have also had my share of the most tragic of heartbreaks. I’ve been betrayed, lied to, cheated on, rejected and taken advantage of. Sometimes… I’ve taken both rides with the same person.


I have taken the chance to open up, finding refreshing and healing for my soul, and discovering a stronger and braver me now wrapped in the beauty of the dance. And I have wandered out there, optimistic and hopeful- only to have my heart handed right back to me in a garbage bag. To the world, it makes sense to stop trying; to close myself off and to harden my heart. Giving up is the most logical response. But when I meet love face to face, I cannot ignore its presence.


When love moves, the power is undeniable. It moves in spite of your efforts to remain stagnant or hidden. It keeps breathing on its own no matter how hard you try to smother it. Its energy and light and music is contagious. It shifts the atmosphere, changing you from the inside out. It simply cannot be contained.


So regardless of how uncomfortable and ridiculous it makes me feel, there remains no greater gift on this earth than that of love. I will fight ’til the end to preserve and protect it. No amount of hardship or defeat could ever taint the purity of its design. Without it, I am nothing.

But WITH it……. I live.

February 26, 2014