Month: December 2018

Go in PEACE!

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By Angel Simmons

I spent most of 2018 working to get my peace back. After fighting my way to freedom, I literally had to retrain my body how to function outside of the fight-or-flight mode I had been living in for years. Let me tell you… It was a blissful experience! I began speaking out about my battles, coaching others on how they could get free, and I decided I would no longer keep other people’s dirty secrets. I lost some people in the process, but I also developed more meaningful relationships with those in my corner.



All of this past week I have been reading statuses about ‘cutting folks off’ and ‘burning bridges’. You know, the usual “New Year, New Me” declarations that end the year. It concerns me deeply when people don’t take this critical time to instead evaluate their OWN actions, character, and decisions that led them to this point. I mean, if you have to get rid of people EVERY December, perhaps it’s actually YOU that’s causing the friction? Can we be honest about where the problem really lies?


Choosing to live a life of peace requires many sacrifices, but none of them involve blaming or shaming others for the choices and mistakes WE have made all year long. I suppose it’s easier to remove people than to tell the truth about what part WE played in the chaos and confusion. Self-reflection, making amends and reconciliation SHOULD be the most prevalent displays that we see during this season. The tone in the atmosphere should be that of love and light- not cold shoulders and dismissal.


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My challenge to all as we set our attention and calendars to 2019 is to leave it on good terms… ALL OF IT!Β  Walk out of your now knowing that you’ve done everything possible to live in harmony with those around you. Make every effort to BE that love and light wherever you go. Only then will you truly be moving forward, only then will you ascend to something greater, and only then will peace choose to follow your lead.


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December 31, 2018