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My day has been MADE!!!!!

I got to talk to my broinlaw this morning! And after the loss I felt last weekend posting about how I still missed my brother fifteen years later, today’s call was right on time and a breath of fresh air. Nope… It’s not his birthday. But I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to talk about him!


A WORD FOR THE MARRIED AND THOSE DESIRING TO: When you marry into a family, they should be gaining an ally… not inheriting a headache!

I can honestly say that I have THE BEST broinlaw in the world (and no, I’ve never borrowed any money from him!). He is a JOY to be around, full of knowledge, spoiled me rotten as a teenager, ordered whatever I asked for, drove me around, always gives thoughtful gifts, let me cry on the phone at seven in the morning while hiding in my office, made sure I always had cheese (inside joke), reminds me of how awesome I am, sings the BEST “Happy Birthday” every year, and loves his mamainlaw. We talk each other’s ears off, work together to keep peace in the family, and when he comes to visit, I make SURE his favorites are in the kitchen: My famous German chocolate cake and oatmeal cranberry cookies! He admits when he’s wrong, doesn’t hesitate to apologize, and calls even when he knows he’s “in trouble” (like today… LOL). Much to my dismay, he KNOWS when “I’m alright” is a flat out lie. And somewhere along this journey, he got the idea that it was OK for him to correct me when I’m dead wrong- but I STILL love him!


When I lost my brother, I truly gained a friend… because Ron was a part of my road to healing. When he lost his sister, I was around. When I got my first car three years ago, his brother took great care of me (and still does!). I call him broinlaw (not brother) to remind me that God INCREASED my family and how I am abundantly blessed. It also reminds me that although he wasn’t “one of us”, he CHOSE (and continues to choose over and over and over again) to become PART of us. Family doesn’t have to be blood, and the one that you marry into certainly won’t be perfect. But when you have an open heart and strive see the best in people, you grow in relationship. If you’re paying attention, you’ll see that God positions us to be blessings , healing, comfort, joy and wisdom right where we are. And that, my people, is how LOVE should always work!


August 14, 2015