Welcome BACK! (please?)

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By Angel Simmons

The NERVE of me disappearing like that! I truly had NO intention of “taking a break” or leaving you without any details. For this, I sincerely apologize. My life took a dramatic turn in several directions all at once, and I simply had no answers for ANYBODY!


I finally got myself together, took a breath, made some hard choices, and opened my eyes. Trust me… I have LOTS to talk about. Lets start with the fact that I just turned 40 last week! WHAT?!? Since last we spoke, I now have a total of 4 Ambassador titles and crowns, been on 14 television shows, in 8 films, in 6 magazines, and on 3 news stations. There was a plethora of runway action, convention work, photo shoots, certifications, t-shirt designs, events, teaching gigs and shows hosted! I wasn’t slacking AT ALL!


In that time, I’ve also been through disappointments and heartbreaks that you wouldn’t believe. I’ve been blessed to save lives through suicide interventions. I’m learning how to live on my own for the first time ever. I’ve made some new friends, saw some get buried, and I’ve lost some that never really were in my corner. Change is inevitable. Struggles are unavoidable. In the end, all you have left is faith, love, and the remnants of your hope. If you’re blessed, hugs and laughs with those that care about you will come flooding in at the most perfect of times.


This last year and a half was an incredible adventure. Thankfully, when the smoke cleared, I came out stronger. Now that I’ve entered a new decade, I’m about to unwrap a whole bunch of “NEW”— including another shirt design, an updated website and THE BOOK! I can’t wait to share what I’ve been writing with you. Do I have your forgiveness? Are you ready to take this journey with me? I’d sure love to have you along for the ride!

July 5, 2018