Month: May 2014

“Loving the Pieces”

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By Angel Simmons ©

So help me to understand this…….
You actually thought it was OK to just pick out what YOU wanted?
You call it love, but only if it suits you.
You say that you accept me, but only if I change what makes you… uncomfortable.
That’s not relationship. Love is never “conditional”.


You love my laugh, IF I’m laughing at your jokes.
You love spending time with me, IF we do what you want.
You love my singing, IF I’m backing you up.
You love my cooking, IF I’m making your favorites.
You love what I wear, IF you approve of what it is.
Brothers love her hair, IF she wears it straight.
Sisters love how he leads, IF he’s leading her where she wants to go.
We love each other, IF we always agree.
But we don’t realize……. Love IS the agreement.
If you loving me (or not) is based on how I act or what I say, it’s not love at all.
If I’m foolish enough to conform because I’m afraid you’ll leave if I don’t, it’s not love at all.
We’d both be living a lie.
In maturity and out of honor, we adapt and change based on mutual accountability, the sharpening of irons, learning how to live as one peaceably.
We don’t hide our flaws and cover our scars out of fear. They are part of US, not parts someone gets to omit as they see fit.
Real relationship is raw and honest and authentic and sometimes ugly and gritty and our guts get spilled out on the table.
But, where there is no freedom, there is no relationship.
And ultimately, you don’t love ME… You just love the pieces of me that you like.

May 28, 2014