Month: January 2014

“Oh… Were You Offended?”

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By Angel Simmons Β©

And just like that… With an innocent slip of the tongue, offense is born! Quickly it spreads and plants itself, uprooting trust by building a wall to guard the heart. The hot sting of a word received harshly or a comment taken negatively wounds the spirit and shuts it off from true relationship. What good, you ask, is being transparent if it’s used against you? Put on display to make you feel ridiculous? Why bother being open and honest when your kindness is taken lightly or even as a joke? You may just need to ask yourself “WHY am I mad anyway?”

This is why God’s word has to LIVE inside of us— so that we don’t die from our own feelings! Proverbs tells us that “faithful are the wounds of a sincere friend” and to “forgive an offense”. Offense keeps us from building, repairing and restoring relationship. The light of Love cannot shine where coldness, resentment and pride dwell.

MAKE A DECISION: Is holding on to your hurt feelings REALLY worth missing out on one single moment of life-giving, soul-feeding, intimate relationship??? If the answer is no and suddenly you feel petty and embarrassed about getting upset, please forgive yourself. Discern where it came from, ask God to heal that place, and GO be reconciled with one another! The meaning of life is found in connections… me to you and us to the Father. Don’t compromise your character by responding out of SELF. Always strive to walk in Love… because IT covers all.

July 25, 2013