Month: November 2014

Dissecting the Prenup

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By Angel Simmons ©prenup with money

I’ve been asked by several people this past month what “Love’s Great Design” had to say about Prenuptial Agreements. There was so much conversation back and forth that I decided to blog about it…


My initial response is this: If the person you plan to marry already runs a business, owns property, has a significant amount of income or has children or family they provide for, you should EXPECT to be asked to sign a prenuptial agreement! They are being responsible by securing the wealth they have built up and making sure their obligations are taken care of. It’s not to slight you, or to threaten your union, or even a sign of their doubt in your marriage lasting. They are simply protecting their assets and the people they love. And your refusal to cooperate speaks more to your own sense of doubt and lack of faith than you will ever know.


prenup and red pen and hearts


People have to reach a certain level of maturity to be able to see beyond the business. I told one reader this morning, “Just sign the papers and keep it moving!” I wasn’t making light of her concerns, but we must learn to focus on the RELATIONSHIP and not allow the details to drive us crazy. Now, there was a time not long ago when I would have been offended if the man I wanted to spend my life with came to me with those “papers”. But I stand today having just incorporated my business, books being released soon, with an aging mother, a number of causes that I support and young people in my family that I want to be a blessing to. I understand fully the need to spell out financial expectations with your future spouse. And for that reason, I see the prenuptial agreement as nothing more than “insurance”. Your marriage, however, is a spiritually binding COVENANT that must be closely guarded as your greatest asset; the husband as his wife’s protective covering, and the wife as her husband’s favor and crown of glory.


prenup marriage covenent


When you plan for your “I Do” to be FOREVER, nothing will matter more than the health and stability of your marriage. When you find the one who is willing to do the work that real relationship requires, leaving is never an option. When your mind is renewed to love one another like Christ, your goal will always be living and functioning together in ONEness. When you both keep God at the center of your marriage, you will find it easier to put the other’s needs above your own. There is a great freedom in love. And as you continue to serve each other in that love, ultimately, those “papers” you served will remain locked away in the vault. Now, pick up the pen so the rest of your life can begin…


November 24, 2014