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In a society where more and more the focus is on being seen versus seeing and getting more versus giving more, Love’s Great Design reminds us to return our attention back to God and to show others the love that he has shown us. I love the practical aspects of the book as it gives readers not only a daily devotion and scripture to meditate on but also an actionable step to take in order to help us restore love in our relationships.”

Summer Alexander

CEO, Summer Alexander Research & Marketing, Inc.
Co-Founder, The Savvy Solopreneurs
Author, The Little Book of Big Marketing Ideas

Love’s Great Design is the literal and metaphorical representation of the author! It is a blessing to know that this devotional embodies the very words and deeds of the person presenting it.”

-James Gordon

Award-Winning Author, A Cruel Summer, Angelica’s Box, Beloved, Have a Thing for You, Here Comes Bobo and Scooter and The Warmest Winter
Actor, Storyteller, MOTH Grand Slam Champion

In this busy, self-centered world we need constant reminders of the truth that we are made for love. As Christians, our greatest joy is found in being a vessel of God’s love. In Love’s Great Design, Angel Simmons takes us on a wonderful year-long journey of recognizing and practicing how we can live a life full of love.”

J. Scott McElroy

Author, Finding Divine Inspiration and The Creative Church Handbook

A well designed, honest, and creative book that is devised to isolate selfishness and attach to emotions that strengthen relationships. Angel Simmons has provided an excellent example of how to create “Love’s Great Design”, beginning with transparency, and awakening the gifts that are given by GOD. Be prepared to change your life.”

Bahiyah Shabazz, MBA

Author, Women Building Wealth
Founder, Shabazz Management Group, LLC

Angel’s approach to drawing us into such a powerful reality of life is excitingly practical and gracefully challenging. This is a definite “God breathed” devotional that should not only be in everyone’s personal library, but also written on the hearts of all for daily, intentional living!”

LeAnzar L. Stockley, MHS

Author, Identity ChRISt.IS and Relationality: Consciously Aligning To Our Divine Relational Worth
Certified Life Coach for Relational Consciousness
President, Into God Network/Soulciety61

It’s my great pleasure to enthusiastically endorse Angel Simmons’ new book “Love’s Great Design”. As one who is a vocational artist and encourager of creatives, I have seen firsthand the power of and great need for learning to walk in love in the context of authentic community.”

Matt Tommey

Founder/Executive Director, The Worship Studio
Author, Unlocking the Heart of the Artist, Crafting Your Brand, Creativity According to the Kingdom and Every Basket Begins with a Walk in the Woods

Author, Angel Simmons

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