Month: December 2014

Only Believe

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By Angel Simmons ©

This past year was the very best year of my life for no other reason than this one: I BELIEVED GOD. I must say that 2014 was full of assignments and challenges that I never thought I’d make it through. But God showed me His promises, shifted my thinking, released me to love, repositioned me, and inclined my ears to hear the next step to take.

Even when it didn’t make sense to me, even when it seemed to take me backwards, even when it left me without options or a way out, I believed God. I sit here on the verge of tears thinking about what He brought me through and where I’m going. I can see clearly how the things he called me to months ago now fit together perfectly with what was started when the year first began.

What appeared to be a detour turned out to be a DIVINE appointment. What some would consider a risk ended up being my RELEASE. What many saw as a delay was really my DESTINY coming into alignment. What was lost became a lesson, what was broken led to my breakthrough, and what shook me up actually showed me who I was called to be.

When you BELIEVE God, regardless of what’s going on in the world around you, then you can stand firmly on the vision for your life that He shows you. Even when you’re the only one that sees it, you know for certain that you and He are always the majority. And you can trust that He WILL bring that vision to life. YOUR job is to keep believing.

So as you look back on this year, remember everything God told you would happen. Bury it in your heart where no one and nothing can reach it. Remember that God does not operate in time, but in FAITH that works by LOVE. Moving forward in the New Year, be sure to walk in with the love that will activate your faith to a level that causes God’s promises to pursue and overtake you. For God designed YOU in love for great things. And He does ALL THINGS well.

December 31, 2014