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By Angel Simmons

We got the news only days in advance that workers would be coming to “do a little work” in our bathroom. We’ve lived in our apartment for over fifteen years and had been dealing with a drippy tub for a while. So of course, we figured the work would be done in that area. After missing their first scheduled day to begin, the workers showed up on day two bright and early at 7am. An hour later, after hearing breaking tile after tile hit the floor, we knocked on the door to ask a few questions. Much to our surprise, we were greeted by exposed plumbing and the majority of the four walls missing. They weren’t there to fix the drip… they were there to gut and remodel the entire room! As it turns out, we were the last ones in the building to get a makeover.


Now, we had what we believed to be a nice bathroom. Aside from the leak, we had repainted it ourselves not too long ago and we’re definitely advanced in finding the perfect accessories and coordinating décor. So, exactly WHY was all of this necessary? We spent the next week waking up at the crack of dawn, walking on noisy paper taped down through the house, using our neighbor’s bathrooms and listening to Spanish music blasting over the banging, scraping and power tools. But at the end of it all, we were quite pleased with the changes. Ceramic tiled floors AND walls, new tub, new vanity and mirror, new toilet, new colors, new lights + an exhaust… EVERYTHING WAS BRAND NEW!


What’s the lesson here? God doesn’t need a reason or your permission to bless you… He will upgrade in just DAYS what you’ve been living with for YEARS! You may not always see the Glory as the garbage that you thought was good is being gutted. But God always does exceedingly abundantly above all that we could ever ask or think (Ephesians 3:20). What you think is already great, He wants to make EXTRAORDINARY for you. Revelation 21:5 tells us that He’s not making “all new things”, but that He in fact makes ALL THINGS NEW!


We couldn’t wait to decorate our new space. Every time I walk in the room, I can’t help but to smile at something else. The first dripless, libation-accompanied bubble bath was nothing less than exquisite. And that fancy exhaust keeps the mirrors from fogging up after hot showers at the end of a long day. Functional? Yes. Beautiful? Indeed. Did we ask for it? No. But oh thank God, who “gives us all things richly to enjoy” (1 Timothy 6:17). Complete renovations aren’t always necessary. But the finished product can completely change your life.


What kind of “makeover” do YOU need in this New Year?

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January 12, 2016