Month: June 2014


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By Angel Simmons Β©

My brother would have been 48 years old today… :-/

He would have called me EARLY this morning to remind me that it was his birthday- LOL.
It’s hot outside, so he would have on his too long shorts and a muscle shirt (with NO muscles).
In my mind, I can see him grinning right before he attempted to hug me, just about crushing my arms, then messing up my hair, then jokingly fixing it back.
We would have gone out to dinner, no doubt someplace we’d never be able to go back to after being TOO LOUD and shutting the restaurant down singing Happy Birthday- while he danced to it.
And right before we said goodbye for the evening, he’d pull me to the side and ask how I’m REALLY doing.
He’d fuss at me for not taking the days off I need to complete this book.
He’d poke at me (ouch) for losing weight- then remind me I was already pretty and that real men like “meat”.
He’d pry into my love life- then demand we “set up a meeting” so he can ask “dude” what the hold up is on marrying his baby sister!
He’d remind me to take care of mama, and make sure I stay on her about eating better and exercising.
He’d joke about me being a Poet and make up something silly that rhymed on the spot- then tell me his big plan for us going on the road together. I’d laugh until my stomach hurts and my makeup was stinging my eyes.
He’d hug me again and kiss my cheek (I’d make a face and wipe it off and he’d grab me for another one).
He’d get in his car and turn the music up- JUST to yell something that he KNOWS you can’t hear. Then after you yell back and forth a few times, he’d turn it down and say he didn’t say nothing! (sigh)
My God…….