My REAL 2015 Year in Review

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By Angel Simmons

After an entire week of crying my soul out and having to literally peel myself off the couch to go “smile and serve” at three events, I was struggling to see any real good in this past year through my swollen, dry eyes. But I had the good sense to know that God had done EXCEEDINGLY ABUNDANTLY above those few cute photos that Facebook threw up there as my annual “2015 Year in Review”!!!!!


I took the time to compose my OWN list of some of the amazing things God has blessed me to experience this year. DISCLAIMER: This is not to brag on ANYONE BUT  GOD who has opened door after door after door for me with His amazing unmerited favor! I give HIM all the glory for each opportunity…

-22 Live Spoken Word/ Storytelling performances

-16 Runway Shows

-8 Professional Photo Shoots

-6 New Professional Certifications

-5 Live Radio Interviews

-3 Features in Print Magazines

-3   5k Races Completed

-2 Features in the Chicago Tribune

-1 Live Television Interview

-Appeared on stage at the Black Women’s Expo, the House of Blues Chicago Foundation Room and accepted into the Actors, Models, Talent for Christ (AMTC)

-Featured in Lane Bryant’s September “Plus Is Equal” Facebook Video

-Named Co-host of “Do Not Submit Storytelling Open Mic: Englewood”

-Expanded The Message, Inc. to include Social Media Management and Author Support Services

-Became a Field Advocate for the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention

-Became a Program Mentor for Aspirations of Life

-Appeared in upcoming Short Film “Concrete Hearts”

-Recorded Background Vocals for the “Away From Home” Christmas Single

-Crowned “Ms. Worldwide Illinois Ambassador” for the Live Out Loud Charity


Take careful note… Most of these accomplishments were made AFTER I unexpectedly lost 30 pounds within 6 months due to major stress, left an extremely toxic work environment in the spring, was diagnosed with Adenomyosis with no treatment options in May, and all during a difficult relationship. Looking back, it’s clear that I DON’T BELIEVE IN EXCUSES!!!!! When you are “on assignment”, it doesn’t matter what the obstacles are; heartbreak, financial strain, betrayal, grief, or even medical challenges can never stop you from reaching your DESTINY.


So, with only days left in 2015, what could I POSSIBLY have left on my agenda? At least 7 more projects- HA! There is way too much of God’s favor ON me to let my circumstances and man’s disappointments dim His light IN me. Here’s my “MESSAGE” for you: Ask God to help you change your optics and CORRECT YOUR VISION. Because when you can see yourself as He does, you can accomplish things that you couldn’t even begin to DREAM of doing. If you thought this year’s “list” was something special, just wait until you see what’s next…

My Father’s favor on me is infinitely UNLIMITED \o/

December 21, 2015