Do THIS first!

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By Angel Simmons

HELLO there!!!!!
Today is the FIRST! ☝

I urge you to take out some time today:

1) To organize at least ONE thing that’s in the way and creating clutter, or in danger of being broken if you don’t #MOVE it!

2) To FINISH at least ONE thing you started working on last month… a book, a project, that laundry pile, updating your blog (Hi!), or transferring photos from your phone to make room for all the beautiful fall foliage that #MOVES your heart!

3) For YOU!!!!! Maybe (like me) you’ve been #MOVING way too much! Have a cup of tea or hot chocolate and SIT IN SILENCE until it’s gone… no music, no tv, no phone in your hand. JUST BE STILL!

Enjoy your day… It’s a new beginning!
And your SHIFT has arrivedΒ  \o/

November 1, 2015