“Talk Is Cheap”

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By Angel Simmons ©

We’re always talking about relationship. We stress the importance of soul connections. We use words like deep and intimate and covenant to express our desire for something meaningful and lasting. So WHY when we actually have someone waiting and willing and wanting to dive in do we do everything in our power to push them away? Is it out of fear of disappointment? Have our hearts been too hardened or closed off? Or have we, the abused now become the abuser? They reach out- we shut down. They lean in- we step back. They go out of their way to show Love and appreciation- we devalue it without even thinking. It’s time to stop talking and start being…


Bishop TD Jakes said, “Any relationship that does not have reciprocity will not last. They will eventually become convinced that the investment does not warrant a return”. Our souls are crying out to attach while we continue to scream from the lonely desert about how we long for realness. All the while, standing in the garden watching is the one who desires to be woven into your heart- the woman, the man, the friend, the child, the partner you keep saying that you desperately need to survive. Then, when they tire of waiting and giving and making themselves vulnerable, you have the nerve to feel abandoned. Hmmm…


OPEN YOUR EYES! Surprisingly WE, not “they”, are the problem here. If we want a genuine and honest and transparent relationship, then we must be the example. Stop talking about it and start BEING it. Let Love show through our actions. We need to look at who’s knocking at the door of our heart. Because if we’re not paying attention, if the relationship is not MUTUALLY satisfying, it will die. WAKE UP!!! This is not a game. Are we really living out what we preach? Right now, someone is wondering why they can’t get through to you, why you won’t let them in, and why their Love isn’t good enough for you. They are tired of working for your attention, frustrated with feeling insignificant and they’re ready to walk away. Will you have the good sense to stop them, or would you prefer to just keep talking about relationship?

February 4, 2013