The BEST Gift

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By Angel Simmons ©
A couple of years ago, I blew what was normally my ENTIRE Christmas gift budget all on one person. I got them everything they asked for or hinted at- and then some! I’m not at all bragging. I really wanted them to feel loved, spoiled, and to know that I would always go above and beyond what was required of me. Even after they handed me a thoughtless trinket in return- one that I KNEW was not really a gift selected for ME- it still proved to be a beautiful holiday because at the end of the night, I was exactly where and with whom I wanted to be.
Fast forward to the present day and after too much time walking on eggshells wondering where I stand, I can say with great certainty that my money would have been better spent being invested… in my future, in my business, or even in my coming book. I am a true “giver” at heart. So believe me, the money wasn’t an issue. But my desire to “make Christmas perfect” for them led me straight to disappointment, and left me feeling like my efforts didn’t count for anything.
Growing up, what I remember most about the holidays were those moments spent laughing with the people I loved. Yeah, we tried to “out gift” each other. But at the end of the night, those gifts were placed back under the tree. We were either found stuffing our faces, singing loudly along with the radio (complete with dance moves) or watching our favorite animated classics. Being together was always the best and most important part.
What changed? Why did I feel the need to make an impression instead of focusing on making memories? I had looked at their lifestyle and somehow decided that the possessions I came bearing might mean more to them than my presence I was sharing. In hindsight, there may have been some real truth to that. But all that tells me is that I had forgotten what was most important about the season. You give from your HEART. And without question, YOU are always the best gift you can offer the ones you love. If they don’t recognize that truth, then they aren’t worthy of the gift anyway.
So, what did I do this Christmas Eve? I paid my bills. I filled my gas tank. I organized my laundry. I made special cookies to take my god babies. I did some blogging (lol). I’m heading to one of my favorite places to worship, followed by a holiday movie or two. And my night will end relaxing in a tub of bubbles listening to some good music and sipping hot cocoa. Tomorrow, I’ll spend some time with my family and friends. I’ll spend time laughing until my side hurts and singing until my voice gives out. But what I WON’T do is ever spend that much money again trying to prove something to someone that doesn’t value my presence over the presents I bring. The best gift you can possibly offer is your time and your unconditional love. Once you give it away you can never get it back. Trust me when I tell you this: Be mindful of where you make your “deliveries” this year!
December 24, 2016