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Prepare for GLOBAL Impact πŸŒŽ

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By Angel Simmons

If you haven’t heard the news, my book is finally available! Those that have followed me for years know that it was actually finished in 2014. Multiple editors, new additions and roadblocks made this process a LOT more difficult than it should have been. The support I received was inconsistent, but the lessons learned were invaluable. In the end, that moment of finally holding my work in my hands made it all worth the struggle!

The first three people to purchase my book were complete strangers at a vendor fair. I didn’t have to do much selling; they stopped to pick it up and asked what it was about. On each account, they were reaching in their pockets and sharing their testimony with me about God and love before I could even finish talking! One book went to a couple to use together, another to a mompreneur, and the last to a young newlywed to use for her church’s bible study group. There were about fifty people that had pre-ordered a copy, twenty books have sold since then, plus two that I know were purchased on Amazon. God is really showing out!

To date, my book is being read in nine states. As if that’s not exciting enough, it was also shipped to GERMANY! There’s a new podcast series that follows each assignment. Last week, I was asked to make arrangements for it to be used in a weekly book club and to come in for a table discussion with the group. Currently, one of my best friends (a fellow author) and I are planning a major event featuring both of our books. This message is moving SWIFTLY!

Why am I sharing all of this? Because God is calling us to dream BIGGER, to formulate BETTER strategies, and to make a GREATER impact with the gifts that He’s blessed us with! We must understand our unique global positioning as Kingdom ambassadors. #TheMessage is not just for a few, but MANY lives will be changed through the work we’re called to do. The number nine holds tremendous spiritual meaning and represents completeness and the move of God. This year of 2019 is indicative of a journey from beginning to end, start to finish, conception to manifestation! The baby you’re carrying will finally be BIRTHED!

Where are YOU in the process? Are you getting the nursery ready? Have your contractions begun yet? Share some encouragement with those that are heading into labor! Your wisdom may be the very midwife they were waiting for. We all need a divine PUSH to help us make it over the finish line!


January 23, 2019