Be In Position!!!!!

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Don’t let anyone talk you out of YOUR purpose!!!!! I wasn’t even supposed to still be in this area, but God KNEW that I was needed. I was leaving the salon when I rode up to what had just been an accident at 81st and King Drive… like just SECONDS before. Riding past the car that had just been hit, I recognize my FAVORITE teacher crying (who I stayed in contact with) from grade school. So of course I pulled over and jumped out. It was a hit and run! I called the police, talked to the witnesses, waited for the ambulance, then stayed with her talking while she waited for her daughter to arrive. Now, I’m NOT writing this for a pat on the back. HEAR THIS: With the impact of the crash and the damage to her car, she SHOULD have been badly injured— BUT GOD!!!!! The blood STILL WORKS! And if your eyes and heart are OPEN, God will ALWAYS use YOU to be a blessing in the midst of a crisis. Your life is NOT about YOU. Thank God that I know my name…