“Opened Merchandise”

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By Angel Simmons ©


Many Christians have a hard time giving up sexual relations. We have attempted to reduce the severity of the act by calling it “premarital sex”, thus making it merely a matter of timing instead of the sin of fornication it really is. The damage caused by this sin is beyond our human comprehension. And the destruction that it causes is often irreparable, even carrying over into our Godly marriages decades later.


For many, leaving fornication behind is difficult because they have never had an encounter with the Holy Spirit that moved them as much as an orgasm. We have made this a physical pleasure connection (PPC) following the emotions of lust and love. But it was created by God as a covenant, binding two individual spirits as one through matrimony. Our bodies were never designed to experience sex outside of the confines and safety of marriage. Fornication forms a soul tie, and our souls were not created to attach then detach from one another. The sin is actually one committed against ourselves, against our own bodies. They are called the temple of the Holy Spirit, and once married, become the property of our spouse. We are disguising ourselves as the premium top choice, but knowingly delivering damaged goods.


According to the word, marriage is a representation of Christ and His church. With that being true, fornication then presents to the world an image of a Christ that is unfaithful to His bride, instead of one who waits for her. It is literally adultery before matrimony. Couples who have gotten married after one or both of them (together or apart) engaged in fornication are guaranteed to experience the negative ramifications of not preserving their sexual purity. The encounters and partners they have been with have shaped their ideas, perceptions and expectations about intimacy- something that is reserved only for covenant relationships in an environment that is free from outside influences. Those influences are like toxins in the blood stream that destroy healthy cells. Sex with our spouse then becomes polluted and perverted, causing division and disruption in the flow of intimacy.


We have traded a lifetime of pure, uncomplicated enjoyment with our spouse for a moment of (seemingly) earth-shaking and bed-rocking convulsions that in the end leave us empty- yet unable to escape wanting more of the same. Fornication really makes us a slave to our own selfish and fleshly desires, controlling our bodies instead of us being in control. We are truly dying for deep and permanent connections, but torturing ourselves in settling for temporary satisfaction. And after years of abusing ourselves, we then expect our spouse to pay full price…


February 26, 2013