Forget the Wedding!

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I couldn’t care less about a wedding.
They can keep the gown and that cake. I’m more interested in having someone who is LOYAL, DEVOTED and COMMITTED to US and the life we’re building together. I don’t care about your tuxedo… I need someone who can keep his WORD and his PROMISES! I’m not interested in a playmate; I need a PARTNER.


Never mind an elaborate party. Send me the one who kisses me goodbye every morning and is EXCITED to come home to my arms each night. We can save money on that expensive honeymoon and use it to stock the fridge, making sure to always have salsa for his cheesy eggs at breakfast time.


Forget the shoes and the veil. Give me someone who walks in FULL transparency and love. Save your fancy toasts and cards. Give me deep conversation at midnight and silly laughter at dawn. I want someone who challenges me, makes me BETTER, and who I can leave behind a legacy with.


MY job is to help him achieve greatness, to create a haven of peace where he can thrive, and to make him feel like a true KING in his castle. I long for the one who finally removes my cape and embraces the light within me… and isn’t threatened by it. We’ll accomplish MORE together and will thoroughly enjoy the journey.


There is NOTHING more fascinating than your man laying in your lap telling you about his day, sharing moments, making memories and changing the world as a team. Life doesn’t get any better than waking up with the one you love. So, yeah… you can keep the wedding. I don’t need flowers or songs to fill the room. We will INDEED shift the atmosphere as our marriage grows and flourishes into heaven here on earth.


November 22, 2015


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