Worth Dying For…..

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I don’t have a whole lot of “good” memories of my father, but there is one thing he did that I will always remember: He ALWAYS made me feel like royalty. Whenever we spent time together, he paraded his “brown-eyed baby girl” around town like a princess. He showed me off like I was the prettiest girl in the world. His answer was “yes” to whatever I asked for. He asked a hundred questions about my life, then listened to my five hundred answers. He knew I’d change the world and he knew how big my heart was. In those moments, I KNEW that I was special, precious, and valuable.
On this day I am reminded of my worth. I’m no longer afraid to SHINE because I learned that I was made a “city on a hill”… not to be hidden. I stand now as a daughter of the KING because I was RAISED as ROYALTY. I refuse to be disrespected or mistreated because MY FATHER told me I was worth the BEST. And I won’t accept anything besides EXCELLENCE because MY GOD told me my worth is FAR above rubies. His answers are always “yes and amen”. He hears my prayers AND answers them. He CALLED me to change the world and He made my heart BIG enough to LOVE like no one else loves. I KNOW that I’m His beloved, a royal queen, and worth dying for.
So, I thank God for my earthly father… R.I.P. And I thank God for adopting ME as His OWN daughter. One did his BEST to give me everything. One gave up EVERYTHING just to have me. Both taught me what real LOVE truly requires. And THAT is both a blessing and a lesson for the man favored enough to handle my heart ♡

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