What I know for SURE!

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How often do you stop and LOOK UP from where you are? Have you taken the time to acknowledge your blessings? Your losses? Your growth? You cannot move FORWARD without closing your eyes, taking a deep breath, and repositioning yourself for the next step. Otherwise, you’ll just stumble along the way and miss the joy in the process.

Here I am exactly 1 month away from my birthday! I’m making decisions about the future that I NEVER imagined I’d have to. Opportunities keep coming faster than I can rest from the last project. And although my mission gets bigger by the day, unfortunately I’m the only one who sees the whole vision.

This past year has been a major challenge. And I’ve both lost and gained plenty. But it’s taught me SO MUCH about myself, my God and my relationships. So, as I approach my next chapter and the big release of my first book, I’ll be sharing some of those lessons in “What I know for SURE”…
I pray that you are INSPIRED! -A.S. β™‘

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