“Why I Walk: My 5K Testimony”

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By Angel Simmons


Today marks my seventh 5K since June. If you knew me seven years and seven months ago, you’d be shouting with me! For those that don’t, I was hit by a truck while crossing the street in 2007. I remember laying in the snow PRAYING that I could still walk when I got up. Well, God heard me. And walking in this race today was nothing short of a miracle.

Race #1: The Hunger Walk for GCFD
Race #2: Sickle Cell Disease Association of Illinois


Race #3: The Biggest Loser

After physical therapy, I still struggled with pain and continued to walk crooked for several months after my accident. At some point I threw out all medication, determined to heal and recover naturally. As a dancer and choreographer, I was frustrated with my body and angry at the world. But I put my faith in God’s healing power, and He restored me- AND I was able to dance again. And if that wasn’t enough to make you shout, two years ago I had a major surgery that took months of recovery. And God’s miraculous healing power did it AGAIN!

Race #4: South Holland Heritage Haul

Race #5: The Cancer Support Center

Race #6: The 1st Englewood Walk & Run

My first race took about two hours. Nowadays, I finish in under 50 minutes. You are looking at a living, breathing TESTIMONY. No one can ever tell me what my God can’t do. And my body can never again tell me what it WON’T do. God and I are the majority- and we say keep moving! I’m closing out this year with one more race. Eight signifies “New Beginnings”, and I am so READY for what God has for me next year. But as for today, I’m highly blessed and truly thankful to be alive. And it’s time to celebrate with praise and worship… feel free to join me!

November 9, 2014


2 thoughts on ““Why I Walk: My 5K Testimony”

    Rodney "RJ" Young said:
    November 9, 2014 at 7:54 pm

    CONGRATS sis!!!!!!!!!!! You betta run!

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