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By Angel Simmons


I almost died…
It’s happened three times since I was fourteen. My second “close call” seven years ago forced me to look at what I valued most. Turns out it was people. Relationships, connections, my love walk- those are the things that resonated with me. Who I spend my time with became more critical than what I actually did with my time. That’s when I began living a life of love… being relational and loving on purpose. I realized that I was built differently, made to function from my heart. “Living in the moment” doesn’t suit me. I have to be protected, safely guarded, and covered. My love is too potent for casual, superficial ties. It’s drenched in fire and designed to withstand anything. It even fights battles without me- despite of me. It always comes with a sense of urgency because… well… it is.


I almost died…
Now I don’t bother sugarcoating my words and feelings to maintain pride. I live transparently, speaking from my heart and unashamed of showing my scars. I’d rather give my all than to offer up pieces. So, when I say I’m all in, I mean it. I’m giving 110% regardless of what I get back. If I can’t pour out, I overflow. There’s no hidden agenda with me, no ill motives, no angles, and no games. I only desire to be covered… to be safe in a love that will honor my gift, to be free to express it fully, and to be wrapped in the warmth of grace and passion.


I almost died three times…
I’ve experienced agonizing pain. I’ve cried my eyes out wondering if I’d make it. I’ve been completely terrified. But each time, I saw my future flash before me. And I let love lead me and pressed on through. Do you really want to know why I love so hard? The way I see it, I don’t have any more time left to waste here.

September 3, 2014


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