“Heart’s Cry”

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By Angel Simmons ©

heart tear

Some days the cry of my heart is so loud that it physically pains me…

I have grown tired of watching relationships struggle and die because we won’t take the time to love and honor one another.

We continue to justify our negligence, devaluing and mistreatment of people by using our negative experiences as emotional guidelines- instead of following God’s example and love’s great design for a life in unity.

We’d rather cover our eyes and turn our heads than to reach out and be a blessing to someone.

The words loyalty, faithfulness, and accountability have become mere luxury items when they should always be presented as the basic standard.

My God! Ignite your fire, Lord!

Help us all to DO better… to BE better… to LOVE better… to want MORE than just the superficial, well-rehearsed, spoon-fed conformity of this dying world.


Open our hearts to make space for others beyond our own selfishness.

Remove the blockages that keep love from flowing to your people in need.

Show us how to be your hands and feet in the earth… to live with compassion.

Help us to be intentional, deliberately seeking opportunities to show your face.

Move us to be authentic in our words and actions, genuinely caring and responsible for each other.

And teach us Lord to truly love without conditions or restraints…

August 7, 2014


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