“The Cleanse”

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By Angel Simmons ©

He had dosed off again… I can just imagine how long this day was for him. He had to be exhausted after two services and the park. These few hours of conversation took the last of him. From across the room, I studied the curves of his face and the slant of his eyes. Even as he slept, he looked wise beyond his years. Some would call him a “beautiful surprise”. I call it pure revelation.

The noise outside caught my attention. Sounds like rain? I stood up quietly and walked over to the window. Sure enough, it was pouring down. I watched the puddles form… could almost smell it. It seemed to be washing over me. I felt a release, a cleansing of sorts, covering me from head to toe… a calming in my spirit. I leaned up against the wall sighing heavily. Then laughed to myself as he began to snore on the couch. But I sensed this amazing peace surrounding him… wouldn’t dare interrupt it by leaving now.


I was moved to pray. First, I thanked God for this beautiful encounter, then allowed myself to fully receive the joy of it all and stop questioning how I got here. Then, I prayed for the sleeper and his child- covering them with blessings, speaking life into their dreams and visions, and for the healing and mending of his heart. Light began to fill the room. I was overwhelmed with God’s presence. I contemplated stepping out on the balcony for air, but didn’t want to wake him. The a/c kicked on again, giving me the breeze I needed. Then the rain stopped.

I ceased the opportunity to check the time and to plan my exit. But before I could move, he woke himself up, looked around slowly, then his eyes rested on me. His smile was……. intense. And the hug goodbye even more so. Leaving was much more difficult than I imagined it ever would be. I grinned all the way down the stairs. When I got in the car, I couldn’t help singing. Praises were on my lips. A date that had led me to worship… my my my. Nothing could have prepared me for today. When you’re open to letting God write your story, it will completely blow your mind.

Be cleansed.


July 28, 2014


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    TheLocticianAndBarber said:
    July 30, 2014 at 6:00 am

    #moved #blessed #openedtoGod

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