Month: May 2014

“The Desire of My Heart”

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By Angel Simmons Β©

I hear many single women talking about marriage these days. They swoon over bible verses promising them a “Boaz”. They shout in church when the preacher tells them their husband is on the way. They even take the time to list all the qualities they want in a mate and offer it up to God as prayer for “the desire of their heart“. But how much work are they really willing to put in?

There is a huge difference in simply wanting to be married and desiring to be “his wife“. When you discover your passion, you should notice that old list of preferred qualities has become a list of specific things you already love about him. How he looks at you as if he’s studying your face, the way his fingertips grip your back when he hugs you, how he supports your vision but still fusses when you don’t stop to take care of yourself- this is that man. The way he taps on his leg when he likes a song, how he holds the door open no matter how far away you are, even when he hands you his things to carry in your purse- this is that man. When he sits and talks for hours knowing you both have work tomorrow, how he laughs at all your corny stories over and over again, when he allows you to grieve or cry or vent for as long as you need to- this is THAT man. He’s the one who makes you think, who challenges your theories, who operates in excellence, who asks for and values your opinion, who harmonizes with you in the car, and who leaves you breathless just being near him. When you see your future, you immediately see him in it because you desire to share a lifetime with him.

woman with vision

To the future wives: If someone suitable and available has carved out a piece of your heart, make your prayers SPECIFIC. Go to God with his name on your lips and ask for discernment. Don’t misunderstand me- I’m not advocating your “pursuit” of him. And if you’re not already good friends, you should totally steer clear of this area. But if you are close, and you truly desire “that husband”, then you need to be aligned with and prepared for the destiny that God has called him to. You must first know his purpose and how you can serve him to be the best helpmeet. You have to be fit- mentally, physically and spiritually– and willing to do this prep work. Marriage is a partnership, and you will be responsible for helping that man reach his full potential and become everything that God has created him to be. So, if HE is the ONE you desire, then get with God and get in position. But if you just want to be married……. well……. then keep right on shouting. God will never trust you with His son- any of them- if you don’t qualify.

May 7, 2014