“Going Up Higher: Revelation From my Window”

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By Angel Simmons ©

There was some movement outside of my office window that caught my attention. When I looked over, I saw a squirrel going across the branch. He was trying to get to the adjacent tree. Well, it was too far away. So he went back, then climbed up to the branch above it and tried again. Now, I’ve seen this countless times. Squirrels climb trees all day, right? But something inside of me made me stop everything I was doing to take this revelation in.

Observation 1: The squirrel never attempted to go DOWN the tree, where he had come from. His only instinct was to go HIGHER.

His second attempt was equally as far from where he was trying to go. So again, he went back and climbed up another level. I was very concerned at this point. You see, the higher up he went, the thinner the branches were.

Observation 2: When you change levels, you can only do it by FAITH. The ground is always shaky because you’re not meant to accomplish anything through your ability alone.

I watched him try a third time, holding my breath as the limb bent underneath him. It didn’t look like he’d even be able to turn around and go back. And he still wasn’t close enough to get to the next tree. I wanted to look away, but my spirit was completely engaged at this point.

Observation 3: Pay attention. Even if it doesn’t make sense to you, the purpose will ALWAYS be revealed. Remember that God uses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. At seven in the morning, I was being ministered to by a SQUIRREL!

At this point the squirrel has climbed up higher and is hanging on the end of a limb. In my mind, everything is moving in slow motion, leaves are floating down and his little friends are yelling “Hold on, Fuzz!” And I’m watching this scene on the edge of my seat like it’s a real movie.

Observation 4: When you’re on a mission, everyone won’t understand your methods. Some people see you moving up in status and assume you’re trying to distance yourself from where you came from. Actually, you’re trying to get in a position to be able to REACH THEM where they are to pull them up WITH you.

Just when I thought Fuzz was about to head back down (to a sturdier branch where he’d have more success), I was shocked. I literally gasped as he took a flying leap over to the other tree, barely grabbing on to the very edge of a limb, then pulling himself up to safety. I leaned back in my chair to catch my breath. And it wasn’t until I got to this part of the story that I got a good look at those two trees. The tree that Fuzz came from was thin, pale in color, and was so scarce in leaves that I could see most of the branches clearly. But the one he crossed over to was lush with greenery and looked alive and healthy.


Observation 5: God always has the BEST things for us. If you are tuned in to His instructions, He will move you out of the place of scarcity into your Canaan land, a place of provision that will continually sustain you and yours.

It seems impossible because it is… in your own strength. But with God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. So the dreams that God has planted in you (a book, a business, an invention, an event, an organization, your marriage, etc.) will require you to step out on a limb- one that doesn’t look or feel quite as sturdy. It will in fact look too far from your destiny because it’s up to YOU to get there. And getting there is no easy way to get “there”. Your MOVEMENT is a leap of faith! And you must first SEE yourself on the other side in order to get to God’s promise inside of you…

May 20, 2014


4 thoughts on ““Going Up Higher: Revelation From my Window”

    Shannon McGee said:
    May 20, 2014 at 10:29 am

    Ooooo! This is soooo good! This blessed me on so many levels. God will use anything & anybody to get his message across. I know if He can take care of a little squirrel he surely can take care of me. Thank you for sharing your observation & revelation from His word.

    Traci Lynn Hayes said:
    May 21, 2014 at 12:31 pm

    You are soooo talented!!! I appreciate you!!!!!

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