“A State of Emergency”

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By Angel Simmons ©

For the third time this week, I sat at my desk on the verge of weeping over the state of our relationships in the body of Christ. People are constantly hurting, while others remain oblivious and immovable. They choose to look away, stubborn and unwilling to BE love to those who need them. However, WE are expected to do nothing and say nothing that could potentially make someone uncomfortable when in fact, we should be so tuned in to each other that offense couldn’t even penetrate our relationships. Instead, we’re forced to settle for the superficial, only skimming the surface long enough to appear connected because we’re afraid of getting too close or repeating failed past experiences or being rejected yet again by someone we’d give anything for. And that closeness means inviting in vulnerability, which leaves our hearts open to any potential abuse or mistreatment. But what we REALLY want is to go grab someone and shake them and make them see and feel the severity and urgency of our alliance, the hole in our heart with their name on it that continues to bleed without the healing of reconciliation. MY GOD!!!!! My soul cries out like Jesus on the cross, desperate for people to realize what they’re doing in their selfishness. With no appetite and only remnants of sleep, I keep finding myself on the floor praying for restoration and a shift in our relational atmosphere, disturbed with my own sensitivity to our brokenness.

people fail on love

How different would life be if God showed you the very people you needed to become your best self, the purposes and destiny you were called to. You would go out of your way to keep them close and to nurture and invest in those relationships. You would understand that the death of that connection is synonymous with the spiritual death of whatever was to be birthed out of your union. THIS IS TRUTH, people! There is a plan for every divine connection, and any break has the power to abort the greatness that God planted in each of you to reach TOGETHER. Purposely choosing to NOT love actually strips us of everything we were created to be. The denial of love is ultimately an abandonment of the Kingdom lifestyle. This is the revelation of God’s word in Deuteronomy 30:19 that urges us to CHOOSE LIFE. Either we’re living and operating in love, or we’re dying in the world from fear and self-preservation. And in the attempt to “protect ourselves” from pain and grief, we in turn become accountable for multiple deaths- including our own. Perhaps if we chose wisely, then SHE would be delivered, and HE would be healed, and THEY could rebuild the community, and WE could be an example to this dying world. And God could be glorified by His people coming together in unity and creating the atmosphere of heaven here on the earth.

So….. Who will stand with me?

May 14, 2014


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