“Who’s touching YOU?”

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By Angel Simmons ©

Someone told me recently how their friend checked in on them before they left town. Instead of being content with just a phone call, they asked to meet up so they could look at them and “touch them” to make sure they were ok. My first reaction was “WOW!!! Does anybody want to touch ME?!?” The truth is, we don’t make time for that- for relationship- these days. We barely even make calls, using our phones to shoot a quick text message, inbox, or Facebook post. We send out tweets and photos to the entire world, but won’t bother knocking on our neighbor’s door when we haven’t seen them for days. We sit in packed churches every Sunday, but only know a handful of people. We’ve worked with the same people for almost ten years, but don’t even know their children’s names. No one is touching…

Our loved ones have experienced catastrophic events in their lives… They’ve had accidents and major surgery. They’ve lost brothers to illness and senseless violence. They’ve gone through traumatic break-ups and painful divorces. They’ve buried their fathers and have been betrayed by their best friends. They’ve walked away from ministries and moved clear across the country. They’ve fought for a better life for their children and watched their children throw their lives away. They’ve lived paycheck to paycheck and have wasted their riches trying to numb the pain of their past. No one is touching…


We would sooner rush through life, frantically focused on self-gratification than to be still long enough to touch someone else. In those moments, we become the proof of God’s love, connecting on a spiritual level- beneath the surface of shallow living. And in those connections, there is opportunity for real, healing that only lives in the intimacy of genuine relationship. When no one is touching, death is inevitable. But if we can manage to push past our discomfort, our suspicion, our offense and our pride into the space where love truly reigns, we will then discover that our hearts only beat when someone’s hands are on our life. So……. Who’s touching YOU?


April 10, 2014

4 thoughts on ““Who’s touching YOU?”

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    soulciety61 said:
    May 22, 2014 at 1:12 pm

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    A Must Read from A Soulciety61 Relationist!

    Andrea said:
    July 29, 2014 at 2:10 am

    I love this. My sentiments exactly… I’m touching 🙂

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