Month: January 2014

“Lessons From My Sickbed”

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By Angel Simmons ©
 I’m back to work today after two long weeks of illness. I’m grateful to those who prayed for me, offered to bring me much needed items and put up with how I looked and sounded when I needed to escape from the house. But I am even more grateful for the precious few who fussed over me not taking care of myself. I had plenty of time to reflect while I lay immovable and in pain. Here are a few nuggets of wisdom from my experience…
WOMEN: Find a balance between all that you do and what simply MUST get done…. and find it before your body does! So often we put the needs of others before our own while neglecting our health and well being. It’s not at all noble. It’s foolish and irresponsible. You cannot be a blessing or a helpmeet to those who need you when you’re laid up full of medicine. And you certainly can’t operate at maximum capacity when you’re running on fumes. ASK FOR HELP. Learn to say “No”, “Not right now”, ”I can’t commit to that” and (my personal favorite) “I don’t even have the time” WITHOUT preceding it with an apology or walking away feeling guilty. Then, when you are engaged in something, you can truly be present and not rushing to the next thing. Oh, and note the people who offered assistance and came to your rescue. Now, note those that did not. Enough said.
MEN: When you see “Wonderwoman” struggling, it’s OK to remind her that she is also human. You may very well be the only one that she hears! When your words come from a place of love and genuine concern, they will not only pierce her heart, but resonate in her spirit. One of the best things you can do for a woman is to remind her that she’s not responsible for EVERYTHING. And while yes, some things may not get done because she doesn’t do them, taking care of herself is her main priority. Also, offering to do anything to help her is appreciated. Don’t worry about getting fussed at for it not being “perfect”. She won’t forget your  contribution to her recovery.
CHILDREN: Even when your parents are ill, they still managed somehow to take care of you. Remember all the little things they did to make you more comfortable. You will need these tactics when you’re on your own! And when you get married, have children and your parents are aging, those practices will be invaluable.
And most importantly, you need to speak the Word over YOURSELF. All that scripture and praying over other folks you’ve been doing— have some! Lay hands on YOU. Speak life into YOU. Encourage YOU. The Word is the best medicine of all.
Always find the lesson in your test. And do your very best not to repeat the class…
January 22, 2014